The POWER Box is in charge to provide power supply lines towards the UUT simulating the power distribution unit. The box has been designed to host, in any mixed configuration, two kind of plug in modules:

• LCL (Latch current limiter) plug-in
• HTR (Heater) plug-in

The POWER Box is a 3U, 19’’ modular rackable equipment that can house up to 7 Plug-In modules.

On request the Controlling PC SW could also expose a custom EDEN I\F to CCS.

 Download Datasheet


  •  Up to 7 plug-in modules
  • 2 different plug-in modules type available:
    - LCL plug-in module
    - HTR plug-in module
  • Rackable 19” box
  • Commendable via RS422 bus
  • Synchronization with external trigger
  • All the I/O are ECSS-E-ST-50-14C compliant
  • Commanding SW for PC with “Labview like” MMI