The Discrete TM/TC Box is a 6U custom 19’’ rack equipment that could be filled with 6U, 4HP plug-ins covering the main ECSS compliant discrete I /Fs. The I/O signals of this box are all arranged in the rear side of the box, keeping clear the front side: in this way no accidental operation could be performed on the box.

The box shall be powered by a 28V power supply unit, and, depending by customer needs, multiple synchronized TM/TC Boxes could be deployed together with one Controller PC to control all of them.

On request the Controlling PC SW could also expose a custom EDEN I\F to CCS.

 Download Datasheet


  • Up to 21 plug-in modules
  • 7 different plug-in modules type available:
    – Timing plug-in module
    – ASM plug-in module
    – TSM1 (NTC) acquisition plug-in module
    – TSM2 (PT) acquisition plug-in module
    – HV-HPC plug-in module
    – BSM plug-in module
    – TSMsim plug-in module
  • Rackable 19” box
  • Commendable via RS422 bus
  • Synchronization with external trigger
  • All the I/O are ECSS-E-ST-50-14C compliant