The BSM module is a 6U, 4HP plug-in, in charge to acquire and time tag, simultaneously, 10 BSM inputs.

The module conditions the BSM inputs using a pull-up resistor and verifying the voltage level across the I/F terminals.
A 100us time tag accuracy is granted by a synchronised 100kHz counter.
The FPGA is programmed in order to handle up to 2 OPEN/CLOSE events per BSM input per second:


The plug-in module architecture follows the generic architecture compatible with the TM/TC discrete I/F Box

  • 10 BSM inputs;
  • Single ended receiver with pull-up resistor
  • Conditioning and protection of the input BSM I/F;
  • Precise time-tagging of the BSM events (<100µs)

Discrete TMTC Interface Box