The HTR module is a 3U, 12HP plug-in, in charge to to simulate 4 independent heater interfaces
Each HTR output circuit is redirected by a dedicated relay to a Nominal I/F or to a Redundant I/F: in this way each HTR Plug-In grants the capability to simulate four cold-redounded HTR circuits.

The HTR module can deliver a constant output or a programmable and periodic Pulse Width Modulation activation.


The plug-in module architecture follows the generic architecture compatible with the Power I/F Box

  • 4 independent channels x module
  • Each Channel has nominal & redundant I/F
  • Monitoring of current and voltage
  • Load dumping at turn-off
  • Programmable PWM activation (e.g.)
    • 4s repetition cycle
    • 16s repetition cycle


  • Settable output protections
    • Overvoltage protection
    • Undervoltage protection
    • Reverse current protection
  • Thermal protection of the high-power stages
  • Synchronization with external trigger
  • Compliant to ECSS-E-ST-50-14C

Power Interface Box