SUCCESS!!! The Vega flight VV02 planned for the 7 may 2013 at 4:06 am Italian time has finally crossed the Earth’s atmosphere and released the three satellites Proba V, VNREDSat 1A and ESTCube-1 on the two different designated orbits. Temis has played an important role in the realization of this project, developing the camera  and telemetry systems used during the entire duration of the flight.

Lanceur en ZLTemis is a company with graduated personnel all of them with an excellent curriculum, specialized in electronics, computing, control and automation, simulation, navigation, structural mechanics and thermal energy.

These skills are well represented by the complex systems developed in the last years: A&H Sub System for the acquisition of data and video telemetry which equips the Vega launcher in VV01 (LARES) Mission and simulation, control and testing (EGSE) systems for PRISMAGalileo, SmallGEO, AIS TestBed, FENICE and ExoMARS programs.


Thanks to the success of TEMIS in the VEGA VV01 flight, ELV (European Launch Vehicle: ESA’s prime contractor for the development of VEGA) selects TEMIS for the development and manufacturing of the IAPU (Integrated Acquisition and Processing Unit) that is the core of the ALTS (Autonomous Localization and Telemetry Subsystem) used to supply  positioning and attitude data to the LV Control Room during the entire mission.

TEMIS, for the ALTS programme, has also developed and manufactured four Video Cameras assemblies with LED torch illuminators and the S-Band RF Telemetry modulator/transmitter.