Professional Services

Test Sequence design, coding, execution & report

Reverse Engineering of customer code

  • UML Modeling
  • Design refactoring
  • Documentation according to customer standards (ECSS, MIL, etc.)

Application Porting

  • Functional features are moved from a platform to another
  • Code translation from a language to another

Application re-hosting

  • Functional features and original code moved (as much as possible) from a platform to another
Thermal Analysis
  • FEM model of complex electronic devices
  • Steady state and transient thermal analysis
  • Convective analysis using computational fluid dynamic tools
Structural analysis
  • FEM linear static analysis
  • Dynamic structural analysis (Modal, sine, shock and random response)
  • Fatigue (time to failure evaluation of electronic devices)

Analysis implementation and report generation according to ECSS – MIL standard