Engineering Data & Process Integration

Temis aims to be not a tool vendor, but a technologies and tools integrator to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the processes of design, development and testing of complex systems, allowing its customers and partners also reduce their costs.

Temis has a sound experience in specification, design and development and test of Aerospace, Avionics and Automotive systems using OMG model based technologies (UML/SysML).

Uniform standards allow automation and traceability:

  • Automatic Code Generation with roundtrip
  • Automatic Document Generation with roundtrip
  • Automatic Test Report
  • Traceability Matrixes
  • Etc.

Our experience in Engineering Data & Process Integration has led us to develop the ability to build Integration and Automation Toolkits [hiperlink]: tailored and project specific integrated tool chains to speed-up formal duties/tasks of our projects (documentation, reports, traceability matrix, etc.) and, at the same time, to reduce significantly the risk of data inconsistency.

We have a sound experience in building of integrated tool chains of development tools and IDE, both commercial (MS Visual Studio, AdaMULTI, Cantata, etc..) and selected open source (QT Designer, Eclipse, Topcased, gnat, gcc, etc..), allowing us to obtain not only significant cost reductions, but also:

  • Good compatibility with standard tools
  • Source code availability for a “very” long time solution adoption
  • Tool Vendor Independence
  • Specification, Development & Testing processes integration
  • Automation for formal duties/tasks of our projects (documentation, reports, traceability matrix, etc.)

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