Onboard Equipment


In the frame of ASI contract for the provision of the LARES payload for the VEGA maiden flight, TEMIS has developed an innovative telemetry system for space transportation. The system has been conceived as a self standing and highly independent module to be embarked on launcher with negligible impacts on external interfaces. The main features of the system are:

  • assisting the Launch Vehicle in the acquisition and monitoring of key parameters inside the launcher fairing;
  • providing separation of the payloads (satellites) inside the launcher;
  • monitoring, by means of video cameras, the separation of the satellites from the launcher vehicle and the separations of the different launch stages during ascent;
  • being an independent system with its own battery and transmitter for downloading data to ground segment.

STATUS: AR and integration on launcher payload completed. Integration on the launcher on going.


Developed for use on space launcher for:

  • Acquisition of sensors for launcher monitoring (up to 104 analogue signals and 32 digital signals)
  • Acquisition of video stream (up to 2 videocameras – one internal and one external to the launcher
  • CCSDS Encoding
  • Transmission to S-Band TX
  • Storage of acquired data

STATUS: Fully qualified (T-VAC, Vibration, Shock and EMC) according to VEGA environment specification


The PDSU is a complete modular power distribution and separation control unit. It is developed to handle all the high power lines for launcher installation.The PDSU has 3 major function:

  • distribution of main battery power to 3 electronically controlled outputs;
  • perform event-driven, timeline-aligned high energy pulses to control pyrotechnics or other separation devices.

STATUS: Fully qualified (T-VAC, Vibration, Shock and EMC) according to VEGA environment specification

 Power distribution LRS


In the frame of ASI contract n. I/023/11/0 TEMIS has developed:

  • Fast Acquisition Module is a board that, once integrate in a host unit, acquires fast time limited signals from two (2) sensors, separately. Signals are sampled at high frequency and stored on internal memory until the transmission. The board architecture is developed around an Virtex 4 FPGA.
  • The memory board is equipped with 256 MByte  SDRAM at 133 MHz. Each memory controller is connected to a couple of 512Mbits SDRAM chip in 16+16 data bit parallel configuration.


The HFSC is a sensor conditioner developed by TEMIS for the use on the VEGA launcher. It interfaces Heat Flux Sensor and transfers proper signals to data acquisition terminals inside the launcher.

STATUS: Fully qualified (T-VAC, Vibration, Shock and EMC) according to VEGA environment specification.  9 FM delivered for integration on launcher.

LEON 2 Board Computer Board

TEMIS is developing an innovative, low weight and low cost On Board Data Handling based on LEON 2 Processor. This solution is intended for satellite, in the range of 100-150 Kg., for low  earth orbit missions with operational lifetime of maximum 3 years.

STATUS: Under Development. EM Test on going


TEMIS provides cavity bandpass filters designed to meet customer’s electrical, mechanical and environmental specifications.

The filters cover the range from 5 to 15 GHz.

The design is carried out in cooperation with our customer in order to optimize the package size for performance requirements.

The 5061 MHz and 15550 MHz bandpass filters are rugged surface mount products that meet the military environmental specifications and are designed for flight application.

 Cavity Bandpass Filter 5
 Cavity Bandpass Filter 15

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