eTS DAS Features

eTS DAS is built with the integration of selected and standard Open Source software libraries and components. This design choice makes eTS DAS the tool a low-cost, high performance and open tool: eTS DAS, or part of it, can be easily integrated into applications and/or more complex solutions.

Multi-platform software implementation

  • Windows, Linux, Mac OS
  • Unique MMI (QT) in all platform

Data acquisition and persistence

  • import from many formats into HDF5, for high performance data access of huge archives (many Gbytes)
  • export to many formats, also to the proprietary format
  • data acquisition from multiple streaming data feeder
  • Matlab®/Simulink ®  models integration


  • scripting
  • event driven actions
Flexible and reconfigurable MMI

  • Workbench and layouts management

Data management and analysis

  • mathematical channels
  • events and alarms generation
  • data encryption and decryption
Advanced data visualization:

  • plot visualizations: 1D, 2D and 3D data plots, with Google or bitmap maps;
  • alphanumeric tables
  •  audio and video,
  • bargraph, light indicator
  • speedometer, status indicator, stopwatch
  • histograms

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