ATE Architecture

TEMIS has design experience for mechanical, electronic and software aspects of complex test solutions for Hardware & Software In the Loop systems based on standard COTS and/or Custom Hardware and Open Source Software technologies.

Software Highlights

Service Oriented Architecture

  • Service Managers handle physical/logical resources (services)
  • TCL Commands are exposed by each managers and can be organized within script
  • Virtual Data Bus is a component that allow high modularization and scalability

Multi-platform software implementation

  • Windows, Linux, Linux Real-Time
  • Unique MMI (GTK, QT) in all platform


  • Matlab®/Simulink ® models integration
  • Target Software re-hosting
  • Event-driven behavioral emulation


  • Legacy Systems integration
  • TCL Test Sequence scripts execution
  • Data Logging (file, DB, etc).
  • Data Monitoring and Analysis (graphs, diagrams, etc.)

Hardware Highlights

COTS Standard Interfaces

  • Bus (RS232/422/485, CAN , Packetwire, MIL-STD 1553, etc.)
  • Signals (Digital, Analog, etc.)
  • Power (DCDC, ACDC, etc).
  • Signal conditioning, Level Translators

PC Rack Mount, single-board computer
Custom Hardware

  • PCI, VME, PCI Express, etc.
  • LVDS, Gigabit Ethernet, FlexRay
  • FPGA design and development for Xilinx Spartan3, Xilinx Virtex4FX (Hardo Core PowePC) ,Virtex4LX, Virtex5
  • Firmware and embedded software development for Freescale MPC5554, MPC8270, MPC85xx, MCF52259, DSP Texas Instruments TMS320C64xx, TMS320F28xx, TMS320DM64xx, Renesas SH7058, SH7080, ST Teso STA2058

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