Automatic Test Equipment

TEMIS has been involved in some important space projects as subcontractor of OHB-CGS group. The main effort has been spent in the definition, project and realization of Electrical Ground Support Equipments  (EGSE) with a special focus on the attitude and control subsystem.

The first set of EGSEs have been  developed for the PRISMA program, a satellite developed from CGS on behalf of ASI dedicated to the earth observation system with innovative electro-optical instrumentation.

In parallel with the PRISMA program TEMIS  has finalized the AOCS EGSE for Formasoat-5 satellite, a Taiwanese program  commissioned from the national space organization (NSPO).

When OHB-system awarded the contract for the construction of 14 satellites for the new European GPS constellation (GALILEO) TEMIS and CGS won the bid to provide OHB with 4 AOCS EGSE assuring a design life time of 5 years.

Beside to the test equipment TEMIS has been involved in the post processing tools of the telemetry data coming from AGILE, a small ASI mission dedicated to high-energy astrophysics. After the failure of the reaction wheel AGILE enters in the safe state with a reduced set of sensors and actuators, for this reason TEMIS was in charge to develop a Kalman filter to clean the noisy star sensor measures and fill data holes due to ST blindness. The filter has increased the attitude data availability of about 10% contributing to improved the finding of gamma-ray  burst.

Boards and FPGA Development

TEMIS is supporting its customer with engineering service for:

  • FPGA Development and Testing  (e.g. ATLID/EarthCare)
  • Electronic Boards Design, Development and MAIT (e.g. PRISMA Mission/ASI)

PRISMA Satellite (ASI) subcontractor of CGS:

TEMIS is supporting its customer with engineering service for:

  • TEMIS is subcontractor for the design, development and MAIT of the complete set of EGSE/Simulators for the PRISMA satellite
  • S-band Transceiver and Antennas
  • Support to the AOCS Engineering to PRISMA Prime Contractor

STATUS: A preliminary EGSE has been delivered

GALILEO FOC (OHB): subcontractor of CGS

EU Conference of Ministers of Transport decided to implement the new Galileo navigation system with improved procedural rules and a balanced economic plan to strengthen competition and to permit dual sourcing.

OHB-System AG and Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. (SSTL) have signed a contract providing for joint activities in connection with the Galileo program. For this purpose, OHB will be acting as contractor general and providing the satellite platforms, while SSTL will be supplying the payloads for the satellites.

AOCS Ground Test Equipments

  • System management
  • Simulator development
  • Custom boards project and realization
  • System Integration

STATUS: 4 EGSEs have been delivered and accepted by the customer

 Simulink Models


A small European geostationary platform (SGEO) for communications applications is being developed under OHB’s lead management. Initiated by OHB, it has been established as a separate component of the long-term ESA schedule under the ARTES-11 program. The technical specifications for Luxor are based on a proposal submitted by OHB-System AG.

AOCS Ground Test Equipments

  • Gyro HITL stimulator

STATUS: Delivered

FORMOSAT -5  Satellite (NSPO): subcontractor of CGS

The missions of the program are as follows:

  1. To develop a spacecraft bus platform and establish optical instrument capability by integrating the domestic R&D resources.
  2. To conduct leading space science missions.
  3. To utilize remote sensing technology for the applications of disaster mitigation and environment monitoring.
  4. To last supply of remote sensing images for the users of Fomosat-2.

TEMIS is subcontractor for the system management and MAIT of FORMSAT-5 EGSE

STATUS: The EGSE has been delivered and accepted from the customer (NSPO)

AGILE Satellite (ASI): subcontractor of CGS

AGILE is a completely Italian, small ASI mission dedicated to high-energy astrophysics. In particular, AGILE is dedicated to X-ray and gamma astrophysics with imaging capability in the 15-40 keV and 30 MeV-30 GeV bands. AGILE was successfully launched on 23 April 2007

TEMIS is subcontractor for the implementation of Kalman Filter for the post processing of the AGILE attitude data.

STATUS: The filter has been delivered and integrated in the customer data chain


The LARES System EGSE will be designed to provide the possibility to verify the Avionics functions in the various phases of manufacturing, integration and environmental test of all units. The equipment will interface with the system by providing the power supply of all units and simulate a part of the subsystem in its absence.

Aim of the system EGSE is the support of the activities of integration and testing starting from box level up to system verification level.

The EGSE is composed by different set of unit EGSE which will be used independently for verification of unit level.

When system AIT campaign will initiate the unit EGSE will be merged in order to form a system EGSE.

STATUS: Delivered

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