01/08/2014 – ExoMARS CEU delivery to CISAS

ExoMARS CEU (Image courtesy of CISAS)
ExoMARS CEU (Image courtesy of CISAS)

TEMIS delivers to CISAS the ExoMARS CEU Engineering Model underlining TEMIS’ competence in the design, development and manufacturing of deep-space products based on high-reliability EEE components and flight quality software.

20/02/2014 – OHB Telecom AOCS SCOE Kick-Off successfully closed

TEMIS successfully closed the Kick-Off milestone, as a direct supplier for OHB Bremen, for a Telecom AOCS SCOE to be used to test three different satellites: EDRS-C, ELECTRA and Heinrich Hertz.

For TEMIS this is an highly strategic milestone that confirms the good relationship established with OHB as a supplier starting with a pilot project (the GYRO SCOE) and growing with a complete AOCS SCOE system.


04/07/2013 – MTG IRS SCOEs contracts for TEMIS

MTG Infra-Red Sounder
MTG Infra-Red Sounder

TEMIS, as part of the ANTARES consortium, successfully closed the negotiation meeting with Kayser-Threde Munich for the Design, Development and Manufacturing of 3 different EGSEs for the Meteosat Third Generation IRS (Infra-Red Sounder) instrument.

The contract furniture consists in:

  • 3x IRS SCOEs;
  • 4x SDP SCOEs;
  • 1x Thermal EGSE.

25/04/2013 – VEGA VV02 flight delayed to May 3rd 2013

From ArianeSpace press release:

Arianespace VV02 – Proba-V, VNREDSat-1 and ESTCube-1: Launch postponed by 24 hours

Evry, April 25, 2013

To carry out additional checks on the mobile gantry system used on the Vega launch complex (SLV), the European Space Agency (ESA) and Arianespace have decided to postpone the Vega launch VV02 for 24 hours. It was originally scheduled for the night of May 2 to 3.

Liftoff is scheduled for the night of May 3 to 4, 2013, at exactly:

11:06:31 pm (local time in French Guiana, on May 3, 2013)