About us

Considering the difficulties and sometimes the impossibility to test the designed and prototyped systems Temis has gained a great experience in very versatile designing testing systems, allowing finalization of complex devices (such as: satellites, systems for Formula1, etc.) without having to carry out tests in the field.

These are HIL (Hardware In the Loop) and SIL (Software In the Loop) testing and simulation systems, designed and built turnkey by Temis also giving to customer a significant systemistic support.

These solutions are developed with the aim of creating complex, but efficient solutions, highly integrated with the customer’s environment, fully documented according to industry standards and extremely cost competitive if compared to proprietary systems and solutions completely equivalent.

This was made it possible by the accurate mix of technologies and solutions  allowing us to make optimal use of COTS  and custom hardware that Temis is able to design, develop and produce in collaboration with ART (its business partner), as well as commercial and not commercial software, but based on Open Source tools and consolidated platforms.

Moreover, having Temis need to simulate typical features of satellite control, it has built up significant experience in defining control architectures, for example by modelling gyroscope, reaction wheels, star sensors, sun sensors, etc..

Along with these skills, Temis has also developed a deep knowledge of navigation systems with studies and realizations of: Kalman filters, inertial platforms for sports cars up to Formula1, tracking and location systems for moving vehicles with centimetre accuracy, even operating  in the absence of GPS signal.

Currently, Temis is working on two major projects that will have a very short response:

  • The first launch of the VEGA launcher, scheduled for this month of February in French Guyana, where Temis is responsible for the design of integrated telemetry, capable of transferring data and video from two different cameras on the same radio channel and therelease system of the payload composed of a main satellite (Lares), 7 Cubesats and Almasat-1.
  • The System testing, simulation and ground control of the generation Galileo satellites for the German company OHB, one of the leading European space companies.